Full Lifetime (No-Kill) Holistic Shelter


Equestrian Spirits, Inc. is divided into several different groups of animals, each having rules and regulations, information on individuals as well as protocol for their care.

Our main focus is horses but we also harbor dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, goats and others as we are able to provide. In addition, we are deeply devoted to education, enhancing a level of understanding for animal lovers to help provide the quality of care their animals deserve. With few exceptions all our animals stay with us for life.

As a holistic center, we treat animals with the aid of gifted veterinarians through homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and a variety of natural remedies and modalities. We are also blessed with several conventional medicine veterinarians just as gifted who provide another spectrum for the well-being of those in our care.



***We house limited birds, reptiles, livestock or wildlife depending on their needs and our ability to suit those needs until they are able to be returned to the wild, fostered, sold, donated or otherwise adopted permanently by Equestrian Spirits.






Paladins, for whatever reasons, cannot be ridden, driven, trained, bred or re-homed. This includes those who are injured, skinny, neurotic, emotionally damaged, or have some other impairment causing it unsafe or unfair to have them live elsewhere. Many recover fully able to join the Centaur program. Others are ‘retired’ for life regardless of their age, if their idea of happiness includes only minimal human interaction.







Mentors are our ‘assisted living’ herd. We accept those who have never been neglected, abused, or seriously injured but for personal reasons could no longer remain in their current situation. Some are now senior citizens no longer able to show, breed, travel etc. but have many more happy times in their future. Rather than seeing them saddened watching the world around them continue at its original pace, their owners prefer they reside with us. Elders remain for however long they continue to need our support. Younger horses may eventually move into the Centaur Herd.






Centaurs are schooled to redirect their lives towards a new career. Several have been with us long before our 501(c)(3) status and have been lesson mounts, confidants and friends to many of our volunteers. Some became show horses, returned to approved breeding programs or simply became a best friend, pet or riding companion.






Coyote Den


Our Coyote Den houses a limited number of canine friends also adopted from shelters so that their peculiarities become part of our lives making way for the shelter to house someone more socially adept. As a specialist in Coy-dogs we refer to their home as a den although any breed is welcome.









Big Bunneri


Big Bunneri is a special rabbit haven for ‘oddball bunnies’. One of our rabbits had been a dangerous attacker while another was domestically raised only to be turned loose to fend for himself; not likely pleasant endings until each came to us. Whenever possible we spay and neuter our rabbits so they may commune together.






Kid’s Khatteri


Kid’s Khatteri is for our family of felines named in honor of a wonderful horse who spent the closing part of his life with us. Kid’s human family supported the design of our cattery and we remained in keeping with our tradition of alternative spellings for the kitty haven. Our cats are predominantly adoptees from no-kill shelters who are ‘unadoptable’. We bring them into our family so the shelters can make room for another more amicable animal to find a happy home. All are spayed/neutered and except for accompanied trips, do not go outside.





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